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This blog is to serve as a rational conversation forum for those interested in actual citizen reported wolf sightings in the Northwest.

Equal Opportunity Website

by Dr. Damon Popovics on 03/29/12

For the record, anyone who wants to use the information on this website to venture out into the woods to commune with the wolves unarmed has the same right to do so as the hunter who wants to use it to locate a good place to hunt (now that IDFG has increased tag numbers to allow 5 wolves instead of 2 for some reason...). Each group can do so without infringing on the liberty of the other to do so.  All photos are accepted. Cute and fuzzy wolf photos are accepted the same as the proud hunter. For some reason, it just seems like there are not as many cute and fuzzy photos of wolves out there to submit. I wonder why nearly all of the photos are of killed wolves and the pain, suffering, and destruction they have caused to other wildlife.

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1. Oliver said on 7/31/12 - 10:34AM
What an incredibly gnorant thing to say. How can you possibly compare the evolved survival mechanism of an animal like the wolf with the pain and suffering humans inflict upon every other species on the planet? Humans are quite literally at war with every other living thing on the planet including each other. It's the height of hypocrisy to say wolves cause pain and suffering so we should torture and kill them and the glorify in the act. This is a sickness permeating our society and people that think like you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
2. Joe D. said on 8/2/12 - 03:56PM
Yea Oliver, looks like your pretty angry. Peace brother, practice what you preach.
3. Linda Sanity said on 8/6/12 - 01:27AM
Oliver, Wolf worship is a clinical issue. Many people who despise their own race, hating humans for the very same survival instinct, have entered a mental state of lunacy. Wolves kill without regard for pain and suffering, and in many cases kill for fun. Wolves are known for a specialized technique by which they tear a elk fetus from the cow, all while the cow is alive, and the cow is left to suffer a slow agonizing death that may last days. We as humans will enter the woods to hunt the wolf, as it is the last ditch effort to stop the Federal killing machine from wiping out all other wildlife. I suggest you refill your medications, relax, and get off the wolf worship web sites.

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