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Northwest Wolf Sightings Blog
This blog is to serve as a rational conversation forum for those interested in actual citizen reported wolf sightings in the Northwest.


by Dr. Damon Popovics on 12/05/11

      Welcome everyone! I started this wolf mapping program on 9/29/11 after my wife came across a fresh wolf-killed elk cow just a few miles from our house in North Central Idaho while she was on horseback with a friend and our dogs.  After hearing many others in the area with similar encounters, I decided to start mapping them to see just how many there were.
     Well one turned into five, and five turned into twenty, and twenty quickly turned into 100. First it was limited to my county, then expanded statewide, then I was asked to expand the map to include MT, OR, and WA.  As of today on 12/05/11, the little map I created has gathered 216 Facebook fans and 2134 map views in just over 2 months!
      My intent is to create a place that residents in the Northwest can go to educate themselves about wolf sightings and encounters in their area based on reported first-hand resident reports.  That way hikers, campers, horse riders, hunters, and prospectors (for you Blue Duck) can be better educated about the dangers of the wilderness, as well as the proximity to populated areas that wolves may be.
     Some posts may be pro-wolf and some may be anti-wolf.  My request is that this forum remain civil.  Regardless of where I stand on the issue (those who know me know my views), I will remain impartial and not corrupt the data presented to me.  Whether you choose to use the map to relocate a camping trip or hike, to listen to the wolves howl, or to use it to plan your next wolf hunting trip it is up to you.
     Please use the link on the home page to report any sightings and I will update the map promptly.  Photos are also welcomed and can be plotted on the map as well.

Dr. Damon Popovics

Comments (4)

1. Rick Ready said on 12/19/11 - 02:56PM
This website is sure to become the mainstay of the checks and balance system to the WDFW and ODFW in the coming years. So many of us have made wolf reports only to have them filed away by the F&W Departments who really don't seem to want the public to know where or how many wolves are in their states. Well with this website we now have a citizen watchdog concept that will tell people what is really going on, not a diluted version the truth. Wolves might be here to stay but that doesn't mean we can afford to ignore the reality of their effect on our lives. In some way every sportsman, rancher or wildlife viewing outdoors man will be effected to some extent. Thank you Dr. Damon Popovics for stepping up and putting this project together, it looks great! Rick Ready
2. Mike said on 1/10/12 - 06:24AM
I have been following the wolves in Idaho for quite some time. I live just South of Idaho Falls, and I see that your sight reported tracks in the Fall Creek drainage on 12/26/2011. I knew there was a pack North of there between Jackson Pass and Pine Creek Pass, A couple friends seen one a year ago on Pine Creek Pass. Fall Creek is 16 miles from their sighting and 48 miles due East from my home. We have developed quite an abundant deer herd that winters around my home (I counted 379 in one group last winter), and elk are becoming slightly more plentiful. I was wondering if the Fall Creek sighting was of 1 set, or more than 1 set of tracks? Thanks and keep up the good work!!! Mike
3. Damon Popovics said on 1/10/12 - 09:37AM
Mike, I just e-mailed the guy who posted that sighting. I will post his reply here.
4. Damon popovics said on 1/10/12 - 03:49PM
For Mike, Here is the response I got from the original submitter: "It was 2-3 different dogs... The Kepp's crossing area (Bone) Id is rumored to have some there in the foothills directly east of Idaho falls but I have not been over there to actually see tracks, sign myself."

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